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Vivy Unlocks 6,0 out of 7 rating in the UX research

At Vivy, we always have our end-users in mind when developing and improving our application. Hence, we are thrilled to be sharing with you our stellar results achieved during the latest research study. One that has allowed us to prove yet again— Users enjoy using Vivy! The overall rating of Vivy application ranked itself 6,0 out of 7 among the participants of the user research study.

Vivy embarked on a six month long user research study in July 2022 to better understand our users direct observations, based on the application being used over a period of time. This study was done through the collection of oral feedback, with a focus drawn on groups, as well as ratings for each feature made available on the application.

Participants accessed the following parameters in the application:

  • Ease of use across Vivy Application: 6,2/7
  • Design, Look & Feel across Vivy Application: 6/7
  • Loading Speed across Vivy Application:6.9/7
  • Registration process across Vivy Application: 5,7/7
  • Health messages and it’s effectiveness across Vivy Application: 5,7/7
  • The effectiveness on risk test and quizzes across Vivy Application: 6,2/7
  • The effectiveness on searching for doctors across Vivy Application:

Notable features highlighted by research participants:

  1. Doctor Search
    The doctor search feature enables users to search for a list of recommended doctors provided by an individual’s insurance company. Keeping in mind users convenience, Vivy’s application would then prompt for location access in order to display suitable doctors that are within the users current premises. Participants highlighted the ease of use and practicality of this feature. They also found value satisfaction through this feature, remarking that it works better than web-based medical directory.
  2. Risk Tests
    Participants highlighted the value of risk tests for various disease areas that were made available in the application. The risk tests function allows users to answer questions that would then allow the application to assess the risk of a user potentially developing a certain disease within the next five years. The result conceived will be ranked in the following three categories: Low, Medium or High. Based on the category reflected, specific recommendations will be suggested by the application to the user. This includes arranging for a telehealth consultation or prompting the user to begin goal setting in order to curb the risk. Participants pointed out the relevance and importance of this feature, remarking “Risks test is an especially useful functionality.” 
  3. Health Messages
    With all in-built features in Vivy application drawing a general focus on personalisation to ensure that health journeys of all users are digitally personalized based on the information that the user has provided, participants took notice of health messages in the application steering towards achieving their respective health goals. This includes news, videos and links to interesting articles made available to them. Henceforth, allowing users to benefit from the unique personalization engine as they were able to receive targeted messages, relevant services and offerings according to their needs and health goals. Through this experience, participants commented on the personalized health messages to be one that is interesting, concise and beneficial.

Learn more about the details of the research: download the UX research overview as PDF

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