Do you want to help your customers and teams achieve their health goals?

Happy family doing sports together outsideHappy family doing sports together outside

What can Vivy do for you?

Mass Personalization
Create offerings for your customers that are more powerful and personalised. Give them the right health guidance at the right time to benefit their health and increase the value of your insurance package.
Targeted Interaction
Understand your customers’ health on a deeper level, to connect them to what need and help them make the right decision about their health.
Choosing Right
With Vivy, you offer your customers the best and fastest route to realise their health goals—by helping them make the right decisions and through features like medication reminders and symptom checkers.
High-Risk Groups Filter
Identify prospective customers who are at high risk for complications such as breast cancer, COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, and Coronary Heart Disease and get them find the support they need.
Be a champion for health
Encourage your customers on their way to a healthy life by incentivizing them with rewards and exclusive services.

Do you want to offer the best healthcare support to your customers and teams?

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