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Learn about your health risks

Everyone has a personal health profile. Find out how likely it is for you (yes – you specifically!) to get diabetes, asthma, heart disease or COPD.

Find the right doctor in your vicinity

Find the right doctor and make an appointment – or talk to a doctor remotely, on a Telehealth video call.

Manage and improve your health profile

You want to take charge of your health but you don’t want to do it alone? You don’t have to. Get support to quit smoking, lose weight, or adhere to your medication plan. Our health journeys are developed by doctors and tailored to you.

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Vivy can only be used with an invitation from your insurance provider.
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This is important to us:

Your data is yours and stays yours. We protect it. You decide what happens with it – at every step of your health journey with Vivy.

About us

Vivy is on a mission to build the leading digital health platform for personalized interaction towards better health. We connect people to the services they need to manage, improve and optimize their health.

Based in Berlin/Germany, backed by Allianz (the world’s largest insurance company), we want to shape the future of healthcare.